A fire alarm system that fits your needs

Detecting a fire early is the best defense against fire and also the most cost effective.  Pro Com Systems can design a fire alarm system to meet the needs of your business.  In a world of ever changing technology, code changes, and the need for safety, you can rely on Pro Com Systems to be your partner and provide technical expertise and quality customer support.  Our systems will meet all NFPA and local codes to help protect your business, your employees and yourself.  We offer upgrades to your current system or design a completely new one.

If you have a multi-level facility, do you have an area of refuge? We can bring your current facility up to today’s code requirements by providing a rescue assist system on each landing to help protect your employees and let fire fighters know you have employees in need of help.


Meeting all the codes and standards

Your fire alarm system is an essential part of any facility.  Implementation of your fire alarm system depends on careful planning.  Pro Com Systems will meet with you, go over your plans and specific requirements, identify device locations and design a fire alarm system around those needs.  Pro Com Systems will review your needs, meet with the local municipality to be sure all local fire alarm codes and NFPA (National Fire Alarm Protection) standards have been met and request approval from the municipality for your new system.


Routine testing and inspection

Per NFPA and your local municipal fire department, your fire alarm system requires routine testing and inspection.  This will ensure that your system is operating properly when you need it most.  Pro Com Systems will provide you a testing and inspection contract, go through any deficiencies found with your staff, and provide test reports to protect you from receiving fines from your local municipal fire department.

Check with your insurance company, as companies may offer premium reductions for business when you provide them with regular inspection and testing reports.

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