State of the art paging systems

Getting the right message to the right locations in a timely manner is at the heart of today’s communications systems. Quick response to a teacher’s request has become paramount in in educational facilities like never before Audible tones and alerts that can be clearly heard are crucial in manufacturing environments. ¬†Background music can provide a relaxed atmosphere. All of these goals can be obtained with a state of the art paging system.

Voice communication systems include overhead paging, intercom, and supervised paging. Intercom systems can include systems in educational environments that also provide time correction for clocks and video entry in locations that can lock the front doors to keep you secure from unwanted visitors. We provides entry intercom systems that allow controlled entry of visitors to multi-unit housing. Some Systems can even use the building telephone cabling and telephones to achieve voice communication.

Special tools

Save money on installation costs

Many School intercom installation occur in schools that need to replace existing systems. Pro Com Systems is experienced in retrofitting new intercom control units into existing schools, reusing existing cables and speakers in many instances thus saving money on installation costs. If replacement of the system cables are required, Pro Com can make every effort to install during scheduled breaks like summer, winter, and spring vacation. Of course New schools are a large part of our school intercom market.

Some of the manufacturers we represent:

American Time